The Weinstein Resistance

If Trump is really dangerous, why risk opposing him with a pack of losers?

Trump is Hitler. Or he is a fool who will blunder into a nuclear war: his aides talk about tackling him to get the nuclear football away from him. He’s unraveling. He’s going to take over television stations. He’s ignoring global warming. He’s incoherently trash talking with a nuclear power.

So what do we do? First, not fall in line behind corrupt corporate Democrats or Republicans and believe the bullshit pushed by the MSM. Don’t. If we put losers in charge, we will lose.

The reason Trump is dangerous is because the media and Democrats and Republican elites all completely suck. No unity talk, no Hitler/nuclear war hyperbole can put the genie back in the bottle and make the world like 2008 again.

If we were to trust, support or vote for the corporate Democratic elite again we would indeed be risking true fascism and nuclear war. These incompetent losers cannot stop the forces of chaos or extremism of any kind. Obama, the Clintons, Schumer, Pelosi, Ryan, McConnell, the Bushes: these are lapdogs of the oligarchs and cannot lead. Fascism or some kind of dangerous extremism or chaos is more likely the more we act like it’s 2008.

Obama sent his daughter over to Wienstein. Same guy who f’cked up in 2016 and made Trump president.

Proven record of f’cking up every time

Clinton / Judas Obama (who sent his daughter to intern with a known rapist) and his Republican-lite Democrats had their chance and proved they are not fit to lead. As the 2016 primary proved, there are two factions on the left. One faction, the corporate/CitiBank faction, spit in the face of the Sanders faction on July 25, 2016. The situation could have been salvaged then: Obama could have made Clinton pick Bernie as her running mate, or made other real concessions. Instead, Obama spit in our faces. He did it again by picking his boy to head the DNC, what’s his name, Perez. So, the left fractured and remains fractured.

That’s not leadership. None of them learned anything from losing more seats than any political party in US history, despite raking in more money than any political organization in history. Anyone who accepts the Schumer/Pelosi/Obama/Clinton losers as their leadership is asking to lose. In this case, to lose to Trump again, no matter how crazy he acts. Eminem is corny and not going to save you. Jay-Z didn’t help Hillary, did he?

We can definitely call the corporate/Clinton/Obama wing of the party the Weinstein wing of the party. Read this garbage from Weinstein himself.

Sex scandals and murder: why risk it?

Consider a couple of scenarios. Suppose, for example, John Podesta, campaign chair for Hillary and transition chief for Obama, is indeed a pedophile. While the New York Times tells you that Pizzagate has been debunked, no debunking has occurred. Also, the murder of Seth Rich is indeed a possible scandal, perhaps engineered by insiders, despite the tremendous effort to make the story go away. Conspiracy theories? Okay, but Bill Cosby, but Harvey Weinstein, but Anthony Weiner, but the Catholic Church, but the BBC, but the CIA has murdered many, but, but… Sometimes, these things break out of their boxes. If one of these scandals does come out, you have a world of hurt for the “leaders” of your “resistance.”

There is no reason to be lead by people with close ties to Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, John Podesta, and Bill Clinton, rich, White rapists at the heart of the Democratic party. In fact, it’s dangerous. The whole Democratic party could collapse. The “resistance” need backup in case of collapse.

So in short, the crazier Trump is, the more the people should reject the Democratic party as it stands, which it doesn’t, it doesn’t stand for shit.

We don’t need to fall in line behind losers with no ethical compass, sell outs who work for Weinstein and CitiBank when we have real leaders available. And you know who I mean because real leaders shine. Who’s shining? Let that one lead.

If I find a picture of you gladhanding with Harvey Weistein, you ain’t shining.




Projects: The Fade Out, Juba, Under Two Maples, Dog Stories, MOGE, Bugs, Pound Flesh, Funky Record, Mutherplucker, Phlogiston, sunshineonthehudson

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Will Pflaum

Will Pflaum

Projects: The Fade Out, Juba, Under Two Maples, Dog Stories, MOGE, Bugs, Pound Flesh, Funky Record, Mutherplucker, Phlogiston, sunshineonthehudson

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