They told us Trump was Hitler. Now they are on his dick. Democrats, you know, I’m not sure you got this resistance thing down yet.

Is the Democratic leadership capable of saying anything honest? Can they think coherently? Form long term plans? Or are they as stupid as they seem?

We have a plan! We’ll get Hitler elected president, give him complete control of the military then go after his friends and family! I’ll act like an ass in congress on a hot mic and you write a book complaining about everything! Cool?

Hitler Hitler Hitler… not Hitler

Now, here in September 2017, the senate, including one-third of the remaining Democrats in the Senate, voted to extend almost unlimited war power to Trump. The elites of the Democratic and Republican parties, plus the corporate media, told us Trump was Hitler. Then these same elites extended him unlimited military power. Meanwhile, the “leader” of the Democrats, Chuck Schumer, bragged on an open mic about how much Trump likes him.

If a guy is Hitler, do you give him the world’s foremost military to do with as he pleases? Do you care if he “likes” you?

Resitance fighters alert: gather around as we give the enemy advanced weaponry!

That Schumer, a true genius.

That there is nothing revolutionary about Trump should have been obvious since he picked his billionaire, Exxon Goldman Sachs cabinet. That Trump is an entirely different creature than Hitler is equally obvious. When the elites said “Trump is Hitler” that was an electioneering strategy. They are so brilliant!

If Trump is Hitler, why didn’t Obama stop Hillary from picking Tim Kaine as her running mate?

American history. No racist models in there for y’all to bite?

But that doesn’t make him Hitler. And while his racism is an extra threat to a significant portion of the US population, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and their ilk don’t really care. They didn’t say peep about giving him War Power. They want to be friends with Trump. They’ll be fine. CitiBank will be fine. The Military-Industrial complex will be fine. There is nothing for Washington DC to worry about.

Trump is a terrible man and a terrible president. The United States was a fake democracy, oligarchic fraud before he was elected. Nothing has changed.

The Affordable Care Act is important for all of our legacies, including President Obama’s,” Democratic leader in the House Nancy Pelosi told POLITICO. You know, when I can’t go to the doctor and buy antibiotics labeled for fish online, the first thing I worry about is Obama’s legacy.

I would love to get medical care for this cough, but the fact that I cannot do that right now might imply Obama was a sell out, failure as president, and we don’t want that, do we?

Pelosi, Schumer and Obama work for CitiBank and Goldman Sachs, same as George Bush. Trump will take the same job if they pay him well. So, they’re paying him.

If we want health care in this country, maybe we should march on Washington and burn the Capitol Building to the ground. I bet I could go to the doctor shortly thereafter. Some Democrats are pretending to support single payer. I don’t care about your corporate media, your political calculation and I damn sure don’t give a damn about your legacy.

If you don’t think Trump is Hitler, then don’t tell your boys at the Washington Post to say he is. Or, if you think he is Hitler, try not to suck his dick.

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