Questions for Barack Obama

Is Barack Obama an emperor? As a president of a democracy (pretending America is a democracy), he must answer questions about his presidency and policies. How can you have a democracy without debate?

Let’s say you love Obama. You think he was a great president and is a brilliant man. You still must admit that he has not answered the fundamental questions about his presidency, outlined below. I would ask the Obama supporter, what can be the harm in defending his legacy, if that legacy is defensible? I want to hear his repsonses from his own mouth, like they did in the old days. Personal leadership.

Below are fundamental questions he has never answered. Likely, he has no reasonable responses. Let’s find out, though. Barack: hit me up. Or, are you too high and mighty to speak to a citizen? You know, like an ancient Persian king?

Even Roman emperors were expected to hear the appeals of the citizens, as in the story of Hadrian and the old lady under a tree who shouted at him as he passed her without hearing her appeal, “Then stop being emperor.”

I would like to meet with Obama for 20 minutes to ask these question on live video stream. If that were to happen, those 20 minutes would be the defining moment of his political career and “legacy” and no biography would be able to ignore those 20 minutes. Hadrian would have faced the music. Marcus Arelius would have answered these questions. FDR wasn’t affraid of his constituents. Barack?

The fact that “journalists” (or anyone else) do not ask these questions mean that we do not live in a democracy. Explain why he can avoid the fundamental questions of his time in office if this is a democracy.

Obamaphiles cannot answer these questions. People deluded into thinking we live in a democracy cannot explain how a politican can avoid all the important evidence over many years.

On October 6, 2008, bank executive Michael Froman sent a spreadsheet to John Podesta. Podesta would later head your transition team. In this document, Froman and his staff at CitiGroup listed candidates for all the some 5000 political positions chosen by the president. Well over 90% of people actually chosen for these positions are listed in the spreadsheet. At the time, CitiBank was essentially broke due to the financial crisis. When you became president a few months later, your administration gave CitiGroup 469 billion dollars through TARP funding. After you left the presidency, financial firms associated with CitiGroup helped make you a multimillionaire in less than a year for so-called speaking fees.

  1. Was the decision to let CitiGroup vet your cabinet a quid pro quo and indistinguishable from a bribe?
  2. Why was the spreadsheet secret in October 2008? If there was nothing wrong with the staff of CitiGroup picking your cabinet, then why didn’t we find out about it until Wikileaks released the email?
  3. At the same time as you recapitalized CitiGroup and saved the bank from imminent collapse, the disparities between white and black income and wealth and the net worth of Black families collapsed by 40% according to a study by the Pew Trust. Shouldn’t you have worried more about the net worth of families struggling with underwater mortgages than with the net worth of Michael Froman and yourself?
  4. If you had not funded the big banks through TARP in 2009, would your net worth now be 60 million dollars?

On or about July 24, 2016, Wikileaks released the first batch of leaked DNC emails. This was prior to the DNC convention. At that time, your allies and yourself painted a picture of Donald Trump as a grave threat to democracy. You were the head of the Democratic Party, the highest elected official of the Democratic Party.

  1. Given that you and your team thought Trump was a grave threat, shouldn’t you have done everything you could have to avoid this threat to the nation?
  2. Coalition politics requires compromise. Reagan picked Bush as his running mate. Kennedy picked Johnson. In American politics, the coalitions are made prior to the election, not afterwards, as in a parliamentary democracy. At about the same time as the DNC leaks broke, Hillary Clinton picked Tim Kane has her running mate. If she had picked Bernie Sanders, she would have won the election. Given that the DNC leaks were causing 3–4 million progressive voters to abandon the Clinton campaign, why didn’t you tell Hillary not to pick Kane, who added no votes to the team, and pick Bernie, to guarantee victory? Isn’t it your job as a leader to bring factions together and build a coalition? Did you call her to discuss building a coalition with progressives to guarantee election in 2016?
  3. What exactly did you and your team offer progressives as part of your coalition strategy from July 25, 2016 until the election, other than a tongue whipping and Jay Z concerts?
  4. If not for the Podesta/Clinton Pied Piper strategy, memo written in April 2015, Bill Clinton would not have called Trump in June 2015, then Trump declared his candidacy in July 2015. Podesta said that the DNC people would “tell the press to [take a Pied Piper candidate] seriously” and that media attention in fact happened, with billions in free media provided by Hillary’s allies at her campaign chief’s request. Did you ever step in to try to pull the plug on the Pied Piper strategy before Trump was nominated by the Republicans?
  5. Given that you did nothing about the corruption in the DNC, did nothing to build a coalition and did nothing to stop the Pied Piper strategy, isn’t Trump your fault? Couldn’t you have stopped Trump with one phone call in July 2016?

Under your leadership, the Democratic party raised plenty of money for the DNC, more than any political organization in history. Here is a further article about DNC fundraising from 2003 to 2017. Yet, the Democratic party hemorrhaged seats and ended up with a lower percentage of state, local and federal offices than at any time in the party’s history since 1924. Over 1000 seats, two-thirds of the states, the Senate, the house and the supreme court: under Obama’s leadership, the Democrats lost everything.

  1. From 2008 to 2016, you failed as the leader of the Democratic Party. Defend yourself.
  2. Why was the leadership of the DNC entirely white and rich after your left the scene? Not a single person of color in any leadership position and no one who is not a millionaire?
  3. Why was the DNC broke when you left?

Prior to participating in you removing of Gaddafi from power in Libya, Dennis Kucinich wrote a letter begging your administration to negotiate with Gaddafi. Yet you went ahead and removed him from power.

  1. If you had not murdered Gaddafi, slavery, massive drowning in the Mediterranean and starvation and terrorism throughout the Sahel in Africa would not be the problems they are today. Didn’t you cause a disaster in Africa as big as the disaster George Bush’s invasion of Iraq produced?
  2. When did Congress approve military action in Libya?
  3. What was your legal authority to conduct acts of war in Libya?

Malia Obama, 19, landed an internship at the Weinstein Company right after you left office, according to The Hollywood Reporter. TMZ reported that Malia Obama was “ensconced in the production/development department,” tasked with “reading through scripts and deciding which ones move on to Weinstein brass.”

  1. Given that you were the head of an intelligence industry with an annual budget of hundreds of billions of dollars prior to Malia’s internship, should you have known about Harvey Weinstein’s track record of harassment and rape allegations before encouraging your daughter to work for him?
  2. Given that you apparently did not know that Weinstein was a sexual predator despite chatter and rumor, how can you now be sure that John Podesta is not a pedophile part of a pedophile network of rapists?

On October 11, 2011 you authorized a drone strike that killed a 16-year-old American citizen Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki while he sat in a cafe in Yemen.

  1. When did congress approve this act of war, if it was an act of war?
  2. What is the legal justification for this act of war, if it was an act of war?
  3. What evidence of wrongdoing by al-Awlaki did you provide to the public?
  4. How can I know that you did not murder him for personal reasons?
  5. Why aren’t you guilty of first-degree murder in this case?

I have had Obamacare. It sucked. I can’t afford to go to the doctor and I am delaying medical care as we speak. I want Medicare for all.

  1. If you had 2010 to do over, when you had majorities in both parts of Congress, would you do health care over?
  2. Why isn’t Medicare for all a better solution than Obamacare? Why is Obamacare better, given that you have never had to deal with it yourself personally?
  3. Isn’t Obamacare modeled after Romneycare from 2004 in Massachusetts? Why didn’t you model your healthcare reform after the systems in Canada, Australia, the UK, or Germany, since they have all existed longer and worked better than Mitt Romney’s experiment?

This interview should take 20 minutes. Barack: are you chicken?



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