Team Hillary: this is all on you

Tough primary… trouble in the midwest… I know what we need to save our candidate: Tim Kaine. You know, he speaks a little Spanish.

Obama must have wanted Trump to be president. Otherwise, why would he have let the DNC and Hillary cheat Bernie and not compromise on a VP pick? He could have been a leader, a good general, and changed his plan. I know in 2008 there was a deal, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary’s woman, would take over the DNC, Hillary would be Secretary of State and then the Democratic nominee in 2016. It was all worked out in 2008. But in July 2016 that plan came apart and Obama twiddled his thumbs. Generals don’t stick to losing strategies: they change. Mr. Hope and Change went for blind hope over sure victory.

Yes, the available empirical evidence says Bernie would have trounced Trump. Bernie was my man. But Biden, Warren, Booker, almost anyone could have beaten Trump, except Hillary. Why: 1) she made 153 million by selling access to power, as is now proven definatively by the collapse of the foundation “charity” after her loss, 2) she was under FBI investigation; 3) she is a bad politician, as she said herself.

Why did about 15 people get into the Republican race but only three Democrats? Because Clinton used her money and foundation to buy everyone off and intimidate them. All the Democrats in Washington knew she was laundering money but said nothing.

This fiasco, President Trump, is all on team Hillary. No one else. It’s not the voter’s job to unify the party. The leaders have to try to do that. Hillary and Obama never tried to bring us pissed off leftists back in the party and we stayed away.

It all matters now because were still away. Warning: Bernie or Bust is still in effect, even if Bernie isn’t around anymore. There is NO UNITY on the left. Trump is president and his opposition is divided.

So listen, at least. Because we are not buying your MSM spin. We don’t want pretty words and symbolism. And we’re not voting for you.

Democrats are in trouble. They will reform or go away. See you in four years for Trump’s second inaguration, unless this rift is healed through real compromise. We want a party of working people and that ain’t the Clinton/Obama/Podesta/Soros/Schumer/Pelosi Democrats.

Any Democrats out there who thinks FDR was a great president should remember that the communists were out there nipping at the left’s heals. Doesn’t matter if the communists should have taken over America in the Great Depression or not, agitation from the left helped move the country left, where we need to go again, further left this time than in the 30s. We need movements like they have in Spain in Iceland and other places, calling for dramatic change from the left.

If Democrat rank and file people are, in part, progressives in their hearts, they should encourage left wing aggitation, not resent it.

1. Hillary promoted Trump as the easiest Republican to beat

John Podesta’s Pied Piper strategy included changing the order the states voting in the primary, which in turn required action of the state legislatures. Podesta was able to command the Illinois state legislature to obey. Change the primary schedule and give Trump free coverage and see what happens. We should be able to beat a nut like that, they figured. No Pied Piper strategy and we’d have president Rubio or Kacisc now.

2. Hillary and the MSM did collaborate, a conspiracy of dunces

CNN, MSNBC, and the others did not give Trump two billion dollars in free media because of ratings or by accident. The media clearly colluded with Podesta. Hillary’s campaign said, “elevate him” and the media obeyed. The MSM took orders from Podesta. We can read their emails and see them going to parties together and collaborating on media narratives, so we know. Read Wikileaks. It’s not the bullshit New York Times, standing by the powerful against the workers and minorities for 100 years.

Bullshit in 1919, bullshit in 2003, bullshit now.

3. The DNC, Google and the MSM did cheat Bernie Sanders

Podesta, Inc. created Trump. Then, on or about July 25, 2016, tons of people, including me (on Facebook), said the DNC leaks meant that the Democrats were about to hemorrhage a couple million votes. Instead of compromising, the Hillary picked Tim Kane as her running mate. Bernie could have brought in two million votes. Kane brought zero.

The DNC rigged debates, steered coverage away from Bernie, engaged in electoral fraud, promoted superdelegates on Google (Eric Schmidt) to give the impression of a foregone conclusion, while HRC campaign violated FEC regulations on super pacs, had a 50 million dollar money laundering scheme to buy state parties, closed polls in Arizona, cheated in Nevada, HRC only really won big in early states and those with closed primaries

It’s not a hard ball politics or something ordinary: it’s fraud. It’s criminal. Podesta should be in jail for FEC super pac coordination. It’s all in the emails. Laws were routinely broken, every day, to destroy a progressive movement. The Democrats hate progressives more than conservatives.

4. Obama failed as leader of the Democratic party

Bernie is right about this, “There should be no disagreement that the First Family represented us with extraordinary dignity, grace and civility over the last 8 years.” I was an enthusiastic supporter of Obama in 2008 and I still appreciate how great a figure he was/is symbolically. However, the working people of America do not live on symbolism alone. Since 2010, the Democrats lost 1000 offices in national, state and local office. He knew everything that was going on at the DNC, the cheating, and knew that the left was pissed and did not yank Hillary out of there when he could have.

5. The Democrats betrayed the working class

The financial crisis of 2008 was a missed opportunity. Obama blew it. FDR was a great leader for the Democratic party because no one doubted where his loyalties lay.

Obama inherited a financial crisis. TARP was passed under Bush but administered under Obama. The mere fact that a policy as significant as that smoothly transitioned between parties should give us pause. Here is the reason: The interests of the rich and of corporations are the only concern of the elected parts of our government, as John Podesta told us, “I guess it takes a study to point out the obvious.”

Goldman Sachs Builders And Innovators Summit, 10/29/13:

HILLARY: I want to get back to having a two-party system that can have an adult conversation and a real debate about the future.

MR. BLANKFEIN (CEO of Goldman Sachs): Yeah, and one thing, I’m glad — I’m proud that the financial services industry has been the one unifying theme that binds everybody together in common. (Laughter.)”

If Herbert Hoover’s programs had smoothly transitioned to FDR, we would not have had Social Security.

A crisis is an opportunity for reform. If after an earthquake you rebuild the highway system to it’s just as jammed up as it was before, that shows a lack of imagination and leadership. That’s what Obama did.

FDR was a pragmatic politician with a bit of leftist streak, looking over his shoulder at fascism in Europe and here, with communists threatening a bit (or appearing to) over his other shoulder. But he really did stick it to the oligarchs of his day. 1932 was not the year for another business friendly, laissez faire president and luckily we didn’t get one. Same with 2008, but we got a continuation of the failed policies that lead up to the 2008 crisis and Obama merely rebuilt the crony capitalist structure that existed under Clinton and Bush. And 2016, again, same mistake.

I would ask Obama this: Can you explain why Michael Froman, then an executive at CitiGroup, sent John Podesta a spreadsheet with 93% of your political appointees? How many CitiBank employees other than Froman worked on the list?

This spreadsheet was mailed from a CitiGroup office using a Citigroup email address by a CitiGroup executive. Citibank was subsequently the biggest recipient of TARP bailout money.

It looks like you, Mr. Obama, were in the pocket of CitiGroup from day one, or even before you were elected, and that the banks such as CitiGroup reaped tremendous benefit from their ownership of your cabinet, having vetted every single one of your 4000 political appointees.

Meanwhile, homeowners, particularly Black households, were not bailed out at homes they bought at the top of the market lost value, taking their wealth with them. Thus, median Black wealth dropped 40% from 2008 to 2016. Can you explain why you favored CitiBank over Black families struggling to get into the housing market?

6. America is not in good shape.

Declining life expectancy! Decline! That shouldn’t happen and it isn’t happening in Europe or Asia. It a really significant statistic.

7. American imperialism is the leading cause of international chaos

If you love Obama, you also love lawless American imperialism. There is nothing more central to his “legacy” than American intervention without authorization from congress or any kind of strategic success. He kept the reasons for bombing Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, etc. secret even from congress. He routinely violated domestic and international law to kill whoever he wanted whenever he wanted, including a head of state. He went back into Iraq after declaring that intervention over in 2011. It’s not an asterick on the Obama presidency and this kind of endless war is not a footnote on the American government in the 21st century. It’s a disgrace and blemish on America for all time: a barbaric, arrogant, destructive murder machine. And then he passed it all to Trump intact.

Why did the American government murder Abdulrahman al-Awlaki?

On or about July 25, 2016 the following conversation should have occurred. This is not “hindsight is 20/20.” I said this on my Facebook feed on that date.

“Hillary, you have to rescind the Kaine nomination and pick Bernie or I will call on the superdelegates to abandon you. The DNC leaks are ugly and we are losing two million votes this week and we can’t afford to lose the left.”

“Obama, I won. If you undermine this nomination…”

“This whole process was a fraud. There is no way to have a fair, democratic nomination and I want the Democrats to win in November. You either take Bernie or you’re out.”

Of course, Obama would never to that. But that’s what you would do if 1) you were a leader and 2) you cared about the Democratic party.

Make America great again? In some ways, America was great from 1932 to some time around 1970 or so. I know, racism, sexism, homophobia, Vietnam, CIA coups, McCarthy... Not great in ALL ways, but we did not have nearly the inequality we do now. You could grow up poor, go to college, and do better than your parents. Life expectancy was increasing. More people got healthcare from the government. Older people didn’t starve. We got a few good rulings from the Supreme Court. Transportation was improving. We were becoming aware of the need to protect the environment.

So protest Trump, go ahead. And Clinton/Obama/Soros.

Revolution is overdue.



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