Hey, New York Times, cough up the screenshots or pipe down

The New York Times hit piece on Bernie is, to quote my man Bernie himself, pure bullshit

Five million people have campaigned for and donated to the Bernie Sanders campaign. That would be more people than in Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, and Atlanta combined. If a few of those people were assholes, it would not be shocking. That’s a lot of people! Yet, I haven’t seen one real offensive post by anyone who is genuinely part of the Bernie Sanders movement. Not one.

If five million people get together and no one gets drunk and pushes someone or trips someone or gets in a fight or makes an unwanted pass at someone, that would be pretty remarkable. Bernie’s movement is as wholesome and clean as any group of five million people could possibly be.

The Paper of Record Supports Open Debate (snicker)

The New York Times is calling for an open debate!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Now on the debate stage, elitist journalists have proposed the following HIGHLY intellectual, VERY COMPELLING, extremely DEEP, topic with will require INTROSPECTION and SERIOUS LOOKING people wearing TIES and FANCY DRESSES. The topic before us:

“This house,” declares the editor of the New York Times, “believes you fuckers a bunch of mean assholes who don’t take us seriously.”

In opposition, a ragtag online posse of Bernie Bros.

“Madams! Sirs! We deny your charges! Also, fuck you!”

Every pearl in the room is clutched. Gasps. Sighs. Shock!

Slamming the gavel down, the New York Times ranges, “Such language will not be tolerated!”

“Hold up,” says the Bernie Bro, “You called me a racist, sexist fucker right in the debate topic!”

Pearls are re-clutched. All the pearls come off their necklaces. Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama slide in a river of overly-clutched pearls through the Capital Building into the New York Times editorial board meeting over the great plains of the American heartland that only exists in polls they don’t really care about (they don’t care about the heartland but they don’t even care about the polls either). No pearls on planet earth go unclutched. Oysters go extinct. The pearl-clutching continues all night and into the next morning.

Bernie Bro is in a tight spot. The media is owned by billionaires and their ethics and preferences permeate the institution directly and indirectly through an unmitigated culture of bootlicking. Congress and all political institutions are full of the exact same breed of careerist bootlicker. Yet, if he uses the term “bootlicker” they will throw the book at him.

“The shoes of the ruling class can be cleaned in other ways!”

What? I’m not getting through.

“You are all a bunch of bootlickers! There isn’t a spinal chord in the whole DNC establishment. Bernie Sander’s little finger has more integrity than your whole fucking system!”

Some of the bootlickers are women.


A very few specialist bootlickers are black.


“See! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury! He said ‘fuck off.’” He’s a sexist racist meanie! You’re accused of being a mean, sexist, racist asshole, or hanging out with mean, sexist, racist assholes, or not ever actually meeting any mean, sexist, racist assholes in your movement but still being responsible for the hypothetical possibility that there might be one you haven’t met, so please hold the vitriol, would you, you fucking shitty Bernie Bro?”

The debate ends as the elitists put up their noses, and pompously march out, offended.

Not Mistakes, Not Exaggerations, but Pure Lies

The New York Times, in case you didn’t know, lies. The article today is full of innuendo and is a complete piece of shit. The corporate media, serving their masters as would any slavish bootlicker, is coming for us.

“His allies also argue that online combat is not unique to the Sanders side, with some high-profile women who support the senator saying they have been attacked, too.”

“The same folks who want to complain that Sanders supporters are more vicious than anybody else never come out to chastise the supporters of other candidates,” said Nina Turner, a former Ohio state senator and Mr. Sanders’s national campaign co-chair.

In other words, if this article were fair, you’d consider all sides and get some GODDAMN EVIDENCE.

“Some progressive activists who declined to back Mr. Sanders have begun traveling with private security after incurring online harassment. Several well-known feminist writers said they had received death threats.”

Or really? Who? Let’s see the threats. You say they are online. Where are the screenshots.

I’m calling bullshit. This NEVER happened at all. There is no ‘well-known feminist writer’ who got a death threat from someone who supports Bernie Sanders on the basis of that person’s support of Bernie Sanders. Maybe her ex or her crazy neighbor threatened her, but it wasn’t part of any online army.

Bullshit. If it’s true, let’s see the threat in context in a screenshot. If she’s well-known, what’s her name? If it was on the phone, let’s see the phone bill call record with the number of the person who called (even if spoofed).

“Politics is a contact sport,” said Bakari Sellers, a former South Carolina State legislator who supported Ms. Harris in the Democratic primary. “But you have to be very cognizant when you say anything critical of Bernie online. You might have to put your phone down. There’s going to be a blowback, and it could be sexist, racist and vile.”

Okay, Sellers, let’s see the comment. Screenshot. You say it was online, right? Not in the street or on the phone?

“In recent days, he said, one man sent a profanity-filled private message on Instagram, calling Mr. Sellers, who is black, an ‘Uncle Tom’ and wishing him brain cancer.”

Let’s see the message. Screenshot, please. Did the message mention Bernie Sanders? Did a real Bernie Sanders supporter send it? Maybe he sent it to himself from another account. Maybe John Podesta sent it.

I bet if we saw the message in full and in context, it would not be as described. The Times knows it’s not a real charge. They made it up with Sellers. It never happened.

You call this claim evidence of something newsworthy? “I got a DM that was racist.” Not nice. Who sent it? Let’s do a profile on the ass who sent it. What is his screen name? What else does he post?

Who is he? A fake Bernie supporter created by an agency? Or is it a real person?

What the Times is doing is horrible. It’s call lying. Not worthy of a high school newspaper gossip column. Times, show me the screenshots or go lick boots.

Racism and sexism do exist. Stop crying wolf. Anyone writes something sexist or racist on any Bernie subreddit or Facebook group get banned in a minute.

If the Times were telling the truth, they’d show the screenshots. They won’t because it’s all lies.