Bernie ❤ Fidel Castro? No. Salvador Allende 👀 Bernie.

The incompetent MSM / DNC attempt to red bait Bernie and boost Bloomberg would be funny is the spirit behind the attack weren’t imbued with 100+ years of determined evil

Will Pflaum
6 min readFeb 26, 2020


CNN and the happy talk of the likes of Pete Buttigieg can lead to mayhem and chaos.

In last night’s debate, CBS seems to have conspired to put a crowd of billionaire loving ringers for Mike Bloomberg in the audience. The network sold ads to Bloomberg during the debate, which is unethical. Simultaneously, there has been a concerted effort to smear Bernie Sanders based on his lukewarm endorsement of some of Cuba’s social programs under Fidel Castro while clearly critiquing the Cuban government for its lack of electoral democracy.

Are they trying to imply that Bernie Sanders will abolish elections and declare himself president for life or something? The fake meme that Bernie loved communist dictatorships was taken up by many media outlets simultaneously although there is clearly no “news” in anything Bernie said.

Bernie has participated in electoral democracy for his entire life. His supporters are spending their free time knocking on doors, chalking universities, and phone banking. The whole vibe is nothing but parliamentary, liberal democracy with no hint of any kind of real radical revolutionary spirit.

Salvador Allende, elected president of Chile in 1973, was also a confirmed and dedicated democratic who believed in the constitutional order. Chile had been a stable democracy for many years. Allende was in the Senate himself, a leader, and the idea that he might turn Chile into a communist dictatorship was as silly as the idea that Bernie is somehow undemocratic in the liberal, parliamentary sense of the word.

Then what happened? The US government conspired with fascists to kill Allende and his supporters. It didn’t really matter that their story of a communist dictatorship was bullshit. They tried to smear and red bait — and the people saw through it. So, they gave up smearing and starting shooting.

No one was more responsible for shutting down the possibility of peaceful reform in Chile than Henry Kissinger. People in the US government didn’t care that someone was democratically elected according to the constitution of the nation. There are people, such as Kissinger fan Bloomberg, who don’t care about those kinds of niceties now.

The people in the Bernie Sanders camp take it pretty seriously that five candidates in the Las Vegas debate said that the person with the most votes and delegates should not automatically be the nominee. The spirit of trashing democracy if the result might risk a real reform is the spirit of 1973. There are still many elements within the US government and alllies, yes, in the deep state (spheres of unelected power which obviously do exist, not the distorted Trump use of the term) who won’t care if 60+% of the US public voted for Medicare for All. They will impose their views on the majority and trash the constitution when it gets in the way.

The corporate media is pathetic. Their propaganda isn’t working. But they will never give up and accept an authentic grassroots political movement. The owners won’t accommodate the new reality. No, they will conspire to overthrow the democratically elected president and his grassroots, democratic, socialist reformist movement. If Bernie stays strong and committed to a grassroots movement, only armed and organized forces will determine whether we get the Bernie reform or not.

These guys seem like a clown army right now. Tom Perez doesn’t scare anyone. How about the fact that the NSA read everyone’s email and nothing happened to them? Does the FBI scare you? Because they are doing some wacky shit now and they have shot innocent socialists in their beds before.

They look silly now — cheating in an open convention and making up irrational smears about Fidel Castro. But Bernie (and the rest of us) might very well get the upgraded Allende treatment. Don’t think all this pledging allegiance to the flag and worshiping the constitution will prevent the new Kissingers from undermining the will of the people if that will is expressed effectively in favor of reform.

The creeps at the DNC, CBS, CNN, the “staff” hos for Bloomberg, the corporate bootlicking candidates and other disgraceful “moderate” politicians aren’t used to working together to achieve a goal. They are all crooked and they don’t stop each other from rigging up personal schemes but they have never had to work together. That’s why they are failing.
They will likely fail right through November when Bernie wins in a landslide. But that won’t be the end of it. They will never stop. No sincere reformist movement with socialist tendancies has ever been elected and allowed to actually engage in reform without extra legal attack: Spain 1936, Italy 1919, Illinois 1886, Guatemala 1954, Chile 1973: Never. They never accept a democratic election when we win. We are heading for a victory. They will never accept it.

Something outside the legal system is inevitable. They will come at us with the FBI, CIA, NSA, local police and we have nothing with which to defend ourselves except some weak traditions and a piece of paper written by slave owners in 1783.

We’re no where near ready for the shit storm. We are going to take the White House. We are going to take the Democratic Party. Then they will freak out even more. Compromise is not something they have even done.

We need an official, organized force that will obey a democratically elected socialist president. We don’t have one.

You know, when “moderates” howl about how terrible communism was, they really should look in the mirror. They don’t ever do that but Lenin was France and England’s fault. Russia had a reformist, socialist government form March to October in 1917 but all England and France cared about was their own war with Germany. The suffering of the people of Russia mattered not at all to them. So guess what you get, CNN geniuses of 1917, Vladimir Lenin.

Che Guevara was in Guatemala in 1954. He saw what happens to reformers who stand for elections: death.

Eugene Debs never read Marx until the US Army opened fire on striking Pullman workers who wanted to negotiate a contract, and he, Debs, the constitutional peacemaker, was the only one who went to jail.

Rosa Luxemburg thought Vladamir Lenin was hopelessly authoritarian and conspiratorial. But then Luxemburg was murdered by proto-Nazis and her body was thrown in a river and the “constitutional” police looked the other way while Lenin’s body lay in state for the better part of a century years. Did the moderates complain about police misconduct in not pursuing the murderers of a non-authoritarian reformer? Naw. They don’t really stand up to Nazis.

Ruthless revolutionaries are the fault of self-interested and short-sighted moderates. They should swallow their pride and accept the outcome of a peaceful revolution as in Russia in 1917 or an election as in Guatemala in 1954 or Italy in 1917 or the United States in 2020. But no. They keep on with their keeping on… right until there is no way to make the system work for the people.

Dumb to the tenth degree, the “moderates” with pearl clutch right into a catastrophe every time. Constitution be damned.



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