At Columbia University yesterday for a family event, I had a couple of thoughts.

One, the fact that the endowments of private universities are not taxed means that the rest of society is subsidizing elite institutions.

Two, there is no constituency for changing anything pertaining to the maintenance of a status quo and a huge and powerful constituency for maintaining the potentially illogical tax-free status of these institutions. Thus, no political force is willing to touch this issue or even considers: even Ilhan Omar’s daughter was there yesterday at Columbia and Bernie Sanders went to the University of Chicago. Rather…

There is no existing or conceivable mechanism to allow that which does not yet exist to compete with that which is in place now and making people rich

His “New Socialist Man“ couldn’t have any of the adventure or fun Che had.

Che Guevara was compelling: good looking, intelligent, sincere, passionate, brave, ruthless, blind, visionary, obnoxious, arrogant, stern, wrong, clownish, profound, cruel. Also, his story — the story of a rebel band bringing down an empire — is ubiquitous in our post-Star Wars culture. The scenery of his life — the Sierra Maestra, the Congo, Bolivia, Argentina — is stunning. What a movie.

To judge Che, you have to judge his conclusions. When he was more right than wrong, he is inspirational and a hero. …

And it’s all Leopold Lojka’s fault.

This man’s three-point turn was the most consequential event in the history of the world (or not?).

Imagine you traveled back in time to June 1, 1914. You found someone who seemed to follow world politics, from any political point of view. You told this hypothetical observer that in 2021 Europe would be organized into a single entity with one currency from Poland to Portugal and people were allowed to live in any country they chose within the block. In this future, Russia is a dictatorship on the edge of this group of countries. The United States is the most powerful country in the world. Japan would be one of the richest countries in the world, and…

If we see a re-alignment…

Both parties in the American two-party system are divided. Republicans split between the country club/establishment bootlicker and the Trumpers. The Democrats divided between the corporate or “moderate” bootlickers and the Berniacs. However, the vast majority of Americans, voters and non-voters, do not feel they have any firm affinity to any of these camps.

Objectively — and I’m not happy to say this — the most likely path to a realignment would be a dangerous sort of populous charismatic figure — the political actor Trump was too stupid to become. A celebrity or billionaire could stake out a position with anti-free…

One single word.

The wrapper flutters around the yard like a butterfly

What’s in a word?

The word “socialism” broke into American politics in the past few years is like the red candy wrapper carried by the wind into the prison yard on Robin’s Island in South Africa in the 1970s. For the prisoners, the world was entirely gray until this swirling flash in the sunlight reminded everyone of the colors that were possible. A word or a candy wrapper can’t change anything.

What’s an idea worth?

Political philosophy is beautiful. You can make great arguments against inequality or the limits of the market or come up with an excellent way to tell if a government or…

The incompetent MSM / DNC attempt to red bait Bernie and boost Bloomberg would be funny is the spirit behind the attack weren’t imbued with 100+ years of determined evil

CNN and the happy talk of the likes of Pete Buttigieg can lead to mayhem and chaos.

In last night’s debate, CBS seems to have conspired to put a crowd of billionaire loving ringers for Mike Bloomberg in the audience. The network sold ads to Bloomberg during the debate, which is unethical. Simultaneously, there has been a concerted effort to smear Bernie Sanders based on his lukewarm endorsement of some of Cuba’s social programs under Fidel Castro while clearly critiquing the Cuban government for its lack of electoral democracy.

Are they trying to imply that Bernie Sanders will abolish elections…

I’m sick of your conspiracy theories. They are not rigging the Iowa caucuses. Shadow, Inc. is an excellent name for an election app. Jeffery Epstein committed suicide. Barack Obama campaigned on hope and change and worked hard for hope and change but was blocked by evil Republicans. Private health insurance works well and Americans love the access to the choice of potentially affordable plans with deductibles within the credit limits of their credit cards along with a second mortgage on a house they don’t have — all this they have available to them through the aptly named Affordable Care Act…

Right. Funny. Presidents have literally been getting away with murder. Nothing in Washington now is likely to apply the rule of to presidents.

During the impeachment proceedings in Congress, I was constantly distracted by the charges not leveled against this president, Trump, and all of his predecessors. If the law applies to the president, then apply the law to every president. Let’s review some of the lawlessness in government, focusing on the president, in reverse chronological order and see how far we get before we run out of digital ink.


Trump owns a hotel chain. He did not put his assets into a blind trust when he took office but rather passed the management of the hotels to his children. There is plenty…

The New York Times hit piece on Bernie is, to quote my man Bernie himself, pure bullshit

Five million people have campaigned for and donated to the Bernie Sanders campaign. That would be more people than in Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, and Atlanta combined. If a few of those people were assholes, it would not be shocking. That’s a lot of people! Yet, I haven’t seen one real offensive post by anyone who is genuinely part of the Bernie Sanders movement. Not one.

If five million people get together and no one gets drunk and pushes someone or trips someone or…

When slaughter is not a crime or even news, you want me to stop what I’m doing to watch a TV show called Congressional Hearing?

Only a sap doesn’t know how this show ends.

The problem with the Trump impeachment hour is that it is a show. All displays of partisanship in America are theatrical productions. If the Democrats and Republicans are enemies, why are they always praising each other at the other’s funerals? Why did the TARP bailout transfer so smoothly from Bush to Obama in 2008–9? Why do wars never stop and inequality never decreases? Where was the constitution when Obama bombed Libya or Bush invented “enemy combatant”? But now you guys are serious, about this Trump Ukraine stuff?

Principles and laws and the constitution: none of them care about that stuff…

Will Pflaum

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